Our technical support – global and local 

Our technical support – gloabal and local

Our global technical service – your gateway to product success  

Wherever you’re located, there’s a Tate & Lyle applications lab in your part of the world. And the team of entrepreneurially-minded food scientists and technologists you’ll find there are hand-picked to help you deliver successful new foods and beverages.

Deep technical know-how. State-of-the-art equipment.  A global network of research labs, application labs and pilot plants. The full force of Tate & Lyle’s expertise and resources is at your service, at any stage of your product development process – helping to deliver the products and cost savings that  will help drive your future success.

Technical services and facilities

Here’s an overview of our technical services and facilities, and how they work for you.

  • Food design: creating your food or beverage in our facilities

    Adding functionality to your products is one thing. Creating nutritional or functional foods that taste great is where our expertise really makes a difference. >>
    Our laboratories and pilot plant facilities are designed to accommodate customer project teams working on new food or beverage propositions, or optimising existing brands. Our technical service engineers support you and co-ordinate the project from initial brief, to prototyping, through to final industrial implementation. When you’re entirely happy, they’re happy.
  • Troubleshooting: resolving issues together

    If your product’s taste or texture falls short of consumer expectations, or there’s a manufacturing issue with a particular formulation, our scientists will team up with yours to help resolve it. >>
    We will help you diagnose the issue and help resolve processing problems, either at your premises, or working with analytical, application and sensory experts at one of our excellence centres’ applications and pilot labs.
  • Analytical labs: ultra-precise measurement for better results

    We offer all the basic analytical tools you’d expect, along with more advanced systems such as microscopy, spectometry and rheometry. >>
    We also use a range of specialist analytical techniques that help us understand and quantify the physical and chemical properties of our ingredients and products. These include particle size analysers, controlled stress rheometers, texture analysers, liquid chromatography systems, thermo-gravimetric analysis and differential scanning calorimetry.
    Our analytical chemists work on developing new methods, as well as implementing methods already approved by the scientific community, to ensure absolute consistency and reliability in your product’s functionality. They also collaborate with our quality experts to maintain the highest quality standards.
  • Application labs: turning designs into testable prototypes

    Speed is essential when launching a new product. Our technical support group has the advantage of superbly equipped application labs, and the expertise of product formulators and application scientists – all focused on taking your product from written brief to prototype at speed, while maintaining quality. >>
    We have 15 regional applications labs on six continents. Each lab has small-scale equipment and resources including kitchen facilities, sensory rooms and much more. As a result, we can make a wide range of prototype products, and test them in conditions appropriate to your local market and manufacturing environment.
    We also test our own ingredients in a wide variety of recipes, so we can better predict how they will work in your product, and correct any problems at an early stage. So, whether you’re making a fruit drink or a breakfast cereal, we have the experience and technology to deliver the results you want.
  • Pilot plants: scaling it up

    When investing in a new product, you need to be sure it will work at manufacturing volumes. That’s the distinct advantage offered by our pilot plants. >>
    Our pilot plants are actually larger than many full-scale manufacturing facilities! Scaling up and testing formulations or experimental products here enables you to get new processes, products and technology absolutely right before commercialisation.
    Our pilot plants also include semi-industrial food manufacturing facilities very similar to your own facilities.
Tech support

Our technical support:

  • Can come to your offices or laboratories
  • Provides solutions for the critical elements of your project brief
  • Offers a range of options to accelerate your concept launch – from delivering the right ingredient or set of ingredients, to detailed formulations tailored to your criteria.
  • Provides trouble shooting and quick resolution of production challenges
Princeton lab

New regional technical service laboratory

On 30 March 2011, Tate & Lyle opened a new regional technical service laboratory near Princeton, New Jersey, USA. The lab’s close proximity to our large customer base on the East Coast will provide greater opportunity to working closely with our customers, shortening our response time, as well as reaching a broader number of customers. The lab is equipped to support short-term development projects; produce prototypes of beverages, baked goods, fillings, convenience foods and snacks; and host customers for presentations and trainings.