Taste – Flavour – Intensity 

Great sweet taste

Great sweet taste 

Time/intensity measurements demonstrate that the sweetness profile of SPLENDA® Sucralose is very similar to that of sugar (see chart below).

Chart sweetness profiles

Chart I: Sweetness profiles Splenda® Sucralose and sugar 

At 5% sugar equivalence, typical of sweetened tea and coffee,
SPLENDA® Sucralose displays a rapid onset of sweetness and similar sweetness duration to sugar.









In addition to sweetness, sweeteners possess a number of other tastes that give rise to an overall flavour.

Chart flavor profiles

Chart II: Flavour profiles          SPLENDA® Sucralose and sugar 

To compare the flavour profiles, equisweet solutions of
SPLENDA® Sucralose and sugar, equivalent to 9% sugar and prepared in water of neutral pH, were evaluated by a 12-member taste panel. The key taste attributes were assigned a score rating by each individual member and then the scores were averaged. The results are shown in the chart on the right (Flavour profiles of SPLENDA® Sucralose and sugar) confirm that the flavour profiles of SPLENDA® Sucralose and sugar are very similar.

Furthermore, SPLENDA® Sucralose has been shown to maintain its sweetness and flavour throughout the shelf life of food and beverage products, without the development of off-flavours.


SPLENDA® Sucralose is a high quality sweetener with a sugar-like taste and a sweetening power of approximately 600 times that of sugar. As with other high potency sweeteners, the relative sweetness intensity of  SPLENDA® Sucralose compared to sugar varies with concentration.

Chart sweetness intensity

Chart III: SPLENDA® Sucralose response curve in plain water 

The figure left shows a dose response curve for sucralose in plain water. This gives the approximate levels of SPLENDA® Sucralose needed to provide a certain sweetness level in water and shows that in this case, the sweetness factor ranges from about 700 to 420 times that of sugar. The relative sweetness intensity (or sweetness factor) can also be influenced by a number of other factors including pH, temperature and the presence of food ingredients such as gelling agents, starches and fats. Allowances for these differing sweetness factors need to be made when formulating different food products.


Unbeatable versatility

The unique qualities of SPLENDA® Sucralose make it a versatile partner that can meet the most demanding applications. From beverages and candy to health and wellness products, SPLENDA® Sucralose is the ideal choice to make your sweet products taste great!


Great sweet taste