Sweetener optimization 

Sweetener optimization

SPLENDA® Sucralose combines well with other sweeteners 

Its versatility and stability are keys to making it a successful sweetener partner
in your new products.

Chart I • sucrose equivalent value

Chart I: Sucrose equivalent value 

Combines well with other high potency sweeteners

Blending high potency sweeteners allows an experienced product developer to customize the sweetness and flavour profile of the sweetening system to meet particular taste or budget require-
ments. SPLENDA® Sucralose will exhibit sweetness synergy with most other high potency sweeteners. Here the combination is sweeter than the sum of the individual sweeteners, thereby reducing costs.

Sucralose can be used in combination with any other high potency sweeteners. The sensory and stability characteristics of sucralose, along with its versatility, make it an ideal anchor sweetener around which blends can be constructed to provide a good tasting and low-cost sweetening system.


Chart • Sweetnes synergy

Chart II: sweetness synergy 

Combines well with nutritive sweeteners

Blending SPLENDA® Sucralose with nutritive carbohydrate sweeteners gives rise to an excellent sweetness quality and, in most cases, a degree of sweetness synergy.

Recent studies have demonstrated that partial replacement of the nutritive sweetener with SPLENDA® Sucralose can be achieved without impacting the flavour or sweetness in various food and beverage systems.

Not only does this produce reduced sugar and reduced calorie products but also provides significant cost savings. Sensory tests have shown that there was no significant difference between a full-calorie carbonated beverage and one where 30–40% of the nutritive sweetener had been replaced by SPLENDA® Sucralose. Moreover, in products such as juice drinks, up to 55% of added sugar can also be replaced with SPLENDA® Sucralose. Again, sensory testing confirmed no significant difference.

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National Smoothie Retailer

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Sweetener optimization