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The versatility and great sweet taste of SPLENDA® Sucralose make it perfect for a wide variety of applications.  

SPLENDA® Sucralose is readily soluble and process stable.

It doesn’t react chemically with other ingredients and it works well in the presence of live cultures. All of which means you can use it to create products your consumers will love!

Great variety of applications:

  • Beverages

    From sodas and sports drinks to soothing coffees, teas, and hot chocolate, your beverage occasion will taste great and have fewer calories thanks to SPLENDA® Sucralose. >>
    • Carbonated soft drinks
    • Still drinks
    • Powdered soft drinks
    • Sports drinks
    • Flavored waters
    • Coffee and tea
    • Hot chocolate mixes
    • Nutritional beverages
  • Dairy products

    Great sources of calcium like yogurts and flavored milks become healthier options when paired with
    SPLENDA® Sucralose. >>
    • Ice cream
    • Frozen desserts
    • Yogurt
    • Yogurt drinks
    • Flavoured milk
    • Shakes
  • Confectionery

    Candies, gums, and fruit chews are kid-pleasers – help make them smarter choices as well as sweet treats! >>
    • Chewing gum
    • Breath mints
    • Hard candies
    • Starch based confections
    • Gelatin based confections
  • Baked goods

    Warm from the oven and table-ready desserts are always a favorite. SPLENDA® Sucralose makes your baking mixes and ready-to-eat selections family friendly. >>
    • Baking mixes
    • Ready-to-eat and frozen baked goods
    • Jams, jellies, fillings and canned fruit taste juicy and 
       ripe when sweetened with SPLENDA® Sucralose.
    • Pie fillings
    • Breakfast cereals
    • Frostings
    *Subject to national legistlation; restricted in e.g. EMEA
  • Desserts

    SPLENDA® Sucralose is the perfect choice for sweetening the frosty treats, puddings, gelatins and indulgent sauces and toppings that make desserts standouts. >>
    • Chilled and frozen desserts
    • Sweet sauces and toppings
    • Puddings
    • Gelatin desserts
    • Canned fruit
    • Jams, jellies and preserves
  • Pharmaceutical/OTC

    With SPLENDA® Sucralose, getting better just tastes better. >>
    • Liquid dosage forms
    • Toothpaste
    • Mouthwash
    • Cough and cold syrup
    • Medicated confections
    • Cough drops
    • Nutritional supplements


There is a wide variation in conditions of use and regulatory requirements in various countries. Please contact us if you want to know what conditions are applicable in your market.


Consumer insights

Product development and consumer insight expertise

  • For Healthy/Reduced Sugar Products or Cost Reduction
  • Proprietary consumer research to identify best trends and opportunities

For beverage manufacturers

If you make beverages, please find out how SPLENDA® Sucralose can help you.